Monday, March 4, 2013

A Day in the Life

If you are looking for an exciting day you have come to the wrong place!!!  I wasn't sure what day to talk about but since yesterday is the freshest thing on my mind i will go with Friday.  Hold on to your socks cause you are in for a wild (not) ride!!!
6:15 am:  wake up and stumble to the shower (that is if the hubs is out of the bathroom)
6:45 am:  stumble back out of the bathroom and hurry to grab the orange ribbon and a straight pin to attach it to the hubby's shirt.  Then take a picture before he hurrys out the door.  The reason for the orange ribbon is to remember my Mom who passed away 3 years ago from leukemia (orange is the color for leukemia).
6:50 am:  begin getting ready to leave the house. . . . .teeth brushed, makeup done, hair dried, clothes on, lunch packed, medicine taken
7:35 am:  out the door and headed to McDonald's for a coke and a quick visit with my Dad before school.
8:01am:  walk in the door, pick up my subfolder, sub tag and keys to the room and head to my room.
8:10 am:  log into fb to see what pictures my friends have posted of themselves wearing orange.
8:20 am:  make a bathroom stop before beginning three hours of continues classes who will be taking benchmark tests (7th graders).
8:30 am - 9:20am:  first class - done
9:25 am - 10:20 am:  second class - done
10:25 am - 11:25 am:  third class - done but they gave me a headache!
11:25 - 11:55 am:  lunch - and visit with my Dad who came by to visit me and some of the teachers he used to teach with.
12:00pm - fourth class - who did nothing to help with my headache
12:55 pm - nice quiet 5th class - done
1:50 pm - huge 6th class - done
2:45 pm - conference period - put the classroom back together, organize all testing materials, take a breath!
3:40 pm -head home
4:00 pm - get home and wait for the hubs to get home
4:45 pm - head to new church building to take pictures of the construction progress
5:45 pm - attend viewing for Dr. B
6:30 pm - head to dinner @ Casa Ole with Dad, Rae, LEH, JD and the hubs
7:45 pm - head home
8:05 pm - fall into recliner and don't move until 10.
10:00 pm - get ready for bed, crawl into bed and read
11:00 pm - lights out!!

And that my friends is an exciting day in the life of a substitute teacher!!!

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