Saturday, March 23, 2013

10 (errrr 13) Random Things About Me!!

Kelly at Kelly’s Korner and Dina at There’s No Place Like Home have done a list of random things about themselves so I decided to do one also.  I will see what interesting things I can come up with!

1.        I am the oldest of three girls.  Not always the easiest position to be in!!

2.      I was FFA treasurer my junior year and FFA president my senior year of high school (I showed chickens in our youth livestock show those two years).  I was in choir from 6th grade – 12th grade.

3.      I don’t really like ice cream.  (I have my Papaw to thank for that!!)  We live in BlueBell country but I would rather have homemade Big Red ice cream if I am going to eat some.

4.      I hate shopping for clothing or shoes but I could window shop for antiques all day long.  Thankfully my I can drag my husband along with me.  I love looking at old dishware like pyrex.

5.      I really like peanut butter (it was very hard for me last year when one of my students was severely allergic to peanuts) and have been known to forgo the dinner I made and just eat a peanut butter sandwich.  I did that just this week!!

6.      I love to sing.  I recorded the song that was played during our unity candle lighting at our wedding.

7.      I lost 25 pounds in the five and half months of my pregnancy (my pregnancy ended with the stillbirth of our son).  We did not know his gender until he was born.

8.      If it is God’s plan for Mr. Giggles and I to have a biological child, we will not find out the gender.

9.      I watch way too much tv.  I am a huge fan of Duck Dynasty!!!

10.     I cannot ever see myself living within the city limits.  I have lived in the country most of my life and I love it.  We currently live on the property where my great grandmother used to have dairy.  My dad still has Hereford cattle on the land.

11.       I love horses and dogs.  When I had horses, I rode both Western and English.  While still living at home, I rode as often as possible, during the summers that meant every single day possible.

12.     My mom was my best friend and I miss her every single day.  I am not sure I would have made it through college as an older than average student if it hadn’t been for her.  She was one of my biggest cheerleaders and if you were an education major you will understand what I mean when I say her creativity helped me get through some of my classes!!

13.     I hate losing touch with people (I guess that is why facebook is so important to me, I can keep up with almost all of my friends and family).

Well, I guess that is enough random things about me.  I hope you enjoy my randomness.

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