Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spring Break 2013

It is spring break for most of us here in Texas. We spent several weeks trying to decide where we were going to go camping the first weekend of the break. First I called a camp ground near Dripping Springs in the Hill Country and they were booked. Then I called another place near Liberty Hill also in the Hill Country and they were full. After much discussion, the hubs found a camp ground in East Texas that we decided to try. We left Friday afternoon (later than planned which is the usual for us!) and headed out.  We got to the campground around 7:45 and got set up.  The place was pretty nice but we were without tv or internet service (which by the way, we survived without!!).  We left Tuesday morning and headed back home.  While there we ate at a great Mexican food at a place called Jalapeno Tree, ate at a great steakhouse, got rain, it got really cold (31 at night which is really cold in a camping trailer), went to two different Walmarts, watched five movies and just enjoyed being together!  But as with all trips, it was nice to get home and to sleep in our bed at home(yes, the bed in our trailer is ours but the one at home is better!!)
Out our door the last morning.

Two friends who made sure we set up correctly the first night we were there and then came to say goodbye.

Standing in my door taking in the scenery.  So relaxing!

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