Friday, August 9, 2013

Favorite Apps

This week over at Kelly’s Korner Show Us Your Life, everyone is sharing their favorite apps.  I don’t have many on my phone because I am worried that my phone will catch something (which it already did once) and stop working correctly.  My husband laughs at me and you probably will too but I don’t want to deal with trying to figure out what is making my phone ill should it happen again!!  I didn’t become a smart phone user until last November.  The hubs and I got Samsung Galaxy III’s and we really like them.  My hubs had been a user longer because of his work.  He is the technology person in our family.

Apps On My Phone (I only use FREE apps)

1.        Open Bibles:  my husband uses this on his tablet and phone and I started using it because one Sunday I forgot my at home.  It has several different versions of the Bible and is fairly easy to use!  I only use it occasionally because I can find things in my Bible faster than on my phone!!

2.    Kindle:  I am a “real” book type girl but I do like this app (it came on my phone) and when I am waiting somewhere and I have forgotten to bring a book, I will read whatever I have on my Kindle.  So far I have only read the free books and have started some really good series.  I guess I will one day have to pay to finish the series!!  Until then. . . .

3.     Instagram:  I enjoy using instagram because I can occasionally keep up with my nephew who doesn’t use facebook much anymore and my niece who is too young for facebook.  It makes me use my phone camera more and I am getting better with it.

4.    The Weather Channel:  this one is pretty obvious but I only put on there because my husband kept asking me about the weather and I never had the answer for him.

5.     Funny Sound Effects:  I can make my ringtone something that will annoy the love of my life!!!  Right now my ringtone is the “The Witch Doctor” sung by the Chipmunks!!!  It also gives students a good laugh when I am subbing in a classroom and my phone happens to ring.  Maybe they will think that I am somewhat cool and hip!  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

6.     Big Bang Whip:  because when I need something done I can just crack the whip!!!

Well, I think that is everything.  The hubs and I are looking for a list we can both add to.  I think I may have found one but we will see.

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Meghan Kay said...

Stopping over from Kelly
s Korner. I totally understand your hesitation! I LOVE having kindle on my phone. Perfect for waiting in lines :) Nice to "meet" you!


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