Friday, August 16, 2013

VBS and the Dentist

Wow, this has been a crazy week.  We started out the week with Vacation Bible School at our church which was fun but exhausting!  We learned about the KING OF KINGS, King David, King Solomon and Jesus.  I was in charge of the 5-7 year olds and on Monday we had 3 but by Wednesday night we had 6.  We were grouped with the 3’s and 4’s and on Wednesday we had a total of 12 very lively youngsters!!  I have to admit that I was very happy to not have to go anywhere last night. . . . . .well, the hubs and I went to Sonic to partake in ½ price shakes.  I got the strawberry cheesecake and the Mr. got the coconut cream pie.

I made two trips to the dentist this week.  Tuesday I went in for my regular cleaning and today I had to go get a filling redone.  I hate going to the dentist, especially when I have to have work done.  My dentist knows this about me and he always tries his best to make me comfortable and to “enjoy” my trip as much as possibly!  So glad I don’t have to go back until February.  My mouth is still asleep and it makes it very hard to drink!

It has also been an emotional week for me.  This month 6 years ago we found out that we were expecting.  What an exciting but horribly scary time.  Unfortunately 5 months later we lost our beautiful baby boy.  I have also been missing my Mom A LOT this past week.  And a friend of ours lost her 37 year old daughter after a very courageous 4 year battle with breast cancer.  And then add to that the fact that school is about to start again and I still don’t have a job and haven’t even had any interviews or anything.  All I want to do is be in the classroom teaching and I can’t seem to get there.

It has still been very hot here.  Pretty much 100+ all week again and there has been rain but just trace amounts around our place.  It keeps pouring in town where all there is to be rained on is concrete. So frustrating.  I would say that I am ready for fall but that doesn’t usually have too much of a change from summer!

I don’t remember if I mentioned this or not but we have to have part of our kitchen floor replaced.  Not the linoleum but the wood underneath the linoleum.  We have one big spot where the wood is pretty much gone and another where it is getting really soft.  The contractor came out and looked at the floor yesterday so soon I am going to have to get pretty much everything, appliances included out of the kitchen so they can come do the work and then replace the linoleum.  I have to say that I am not looking forward to this happening.  Well, I am looking forward to new linoleum because I hate having a white floor but not looking forward to the rest!!

Well, I had better go so I can get some housework done, especially in the kitchen!  I hope you had a great week..
A look at the little bit of rain we got yesterday.

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