Monday, August 19, 2013

Favorite Thrift Store or Garage Sale Items

This was the subject of Kelly’s Korner Show Us Your Life last week (yes, I am behind!!).  We have noticed that our thrift stores and garage sales just don’t have the caliber of items found in other areas.  But occasionally I do find something that I really like (especially when I am at my sister and our friend’s garage sale!).  Anyway a few of the things I don’t have pictures of because they are not currently at my home but they are an antique highboy chest of drawers (church garage sale), a cute little phone table (side of the road), old windows (side of the road) and a set of bunk beds twin/double (from a friend who was getting rid of).  I love old dishes so that is mainly what you will see from here on!!  I got everything pictured at either garage sales or Goodwill.

blue & green oblong bowl

gold goblet

blue vase ? with lid

gold bowl

clear bowl

creamer from Bugaria

divided serving dish

small plate

cute gate I am going to use for pictures

cute little pitcher candles

denim jacket

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