Friday, August 23, 2013

Waiting for the Rain

They (the weather people) have said that almost everyone would get rain this week.  HA HA HA I say.  We got a little sprinkle this afternoon but it was just enough to cover all of the tire tracks in the driveway and that was all.  We have a huge need for rain around here.  I walked out in the pasture last night to take some pictures of the thunderstorm that passed us by and the grass just crunched under my feet.  Our ponds are going down pretty fast and my Dad has started feeding hay to the cattle.  I decided that I would show you the beautiful cloud formations we have had the last two days even if the rain has passed us by. 
Storm from yesterday (taken with Canon Rebel).

I have wanted to take a lightening shot for a long time and I finally got not one but two!!

Clouds from tonight (taken with Instagram).


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