Thursday, August 5, 2010

HOT, HOT, HOT and Keeping Cool

The weather around here has been almost unbearable around here. We have reached the 100+ degree mark several days in a row but we are staying around 99 most days. I do not like having to go anywhere because it is miserable. This afternoon I had to go to the post office to mail some birthday cards so I jumped in my car and could barely breath. I had forgotten to put my visor in my windshield and my car had been sitting in the sun for several hours. The steering wheel and gearshift were so hot that I could hardly touch them. Lesson learned: no matter how annoying it is to put up the visor, it has to be done!!!

This week my niece has been staying with my Dad so I have spent a lot of time with them. Monday my Aunt D was in town also so I haven't accomplished a whole lot. This morning Madcow, Dad and I went swimming. The water felt so good and we had a really good time. After swimming, we went to the grocery store and bought flowers to take out to the cemetery to put on Mom's grave. It is still so heart breaking to see the pain on Dad's face and to hear it in his voice as he talks to my Mom and when he talks to Baby Giggles. We all had a good cry and Madcow did her very best to comfort Dad and I.

Gran & Madcow keeping cool!

I am so thankful that my sister and b-i-l let the kids come and stay with Dad. He really needed to spend some quality time with the little stinkers and I think that they really needed time with him. The kids loved my Mom so much. When Memom was around, the kids revolved around her like the planets. The rest of us where just in the background. They loved spending time together whether it was playing baseball, watching movies, swimming, whatever. Mom loved them with all her heart.

This has been a tough week. Not sure why. . . .guess grief runs in cycles or something. I just really miss her a lot.

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