Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday With Friends: Favorite Day of the Week

To day over at Jennifer's Friday with Friends is Favorite Day of the Week. I have lots of answers for that! Let's see right now my favorite day of the week is any day that the temps are below 100 degrees, that it rains, that I am not stuck in my recliner, any day that I get to spend with my nephew and niece or my sweetheart or the rest of my family. Any day that I don't have to cook or wash dishes or clean house.
I guess if I have to pick a specific day it would be Sunday. On Sunday we get to go to church and get refueled for the week. We go out to eat with Mr. Giggles parents and occasionally my Dad and sister and grandmother goes with us. Then we come home and take a nap before evening worship so most of the day is stress free. After evening services we go out "drinking" which means we head to Whataburger or some other fast food place to get a coke or dinner or snack before we go home. And then after that is another story because Mr. Giggles is busy getting his stuff ready for the next week which includes ironing shirts for the week, figuring out what he is going to wear for the week and anything else he needs to get done for the week. Me, well I watch Drop Dead Diva and Army Wives and I will help the Mr. if he needs me to do something. I can't wait to read about everyone's favorite day.

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Jennifer said...

Oh, I know your favorite day will be the one where you don't have to be in that recliner all day! Hope your ankle and leg are healing nicely. Sundays, too, seem to be a very popular day..and, wow - a hubbie that does his own ironing! Love that:) Hope you enjoy your weekend - and look forward to another great Lord's day..of preaching, fellowship - and good eating:)


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