Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Life Interrupted

Remember on Sunday when I told you all about how I was going to set my timer and get some stuff done this week. Well, I didn't even get started. Hahahahahahahaha. Several weeks back I fell in the tub (landed on the side and didn't even tear down the curtain) and a few days later I started having some pain in my calf. It felt like your leg does right before you get a charlie horse. That lasted several days and then the pain moved to my ankle and several days later to the bottom of my foot and then back up into my calf, ankle and bottom of foot. I went to the doctor on Tuesday of last week and had x-rays and they didn't see anything. Doc said that it was probably taking a while to heal because I had probably just strained it. I said it was probably taking a while because I am getting older. Towards the end of the week it was feeling pretty good. Sunday morning I woke up and my ankle was hurting again pretty badly and I just chalked it up to being up a lot on Saturday and grocery shopping. Monday the top of my foot was hurting very badly but I hobbled around for a little while. I put my keds on and it made it feel better. Yesterday afternoon when I took a shower I noticed that my foot was getting red and swollen and so were a couple of places on my leg and they were a little sore also. Prayed that it would be better in the morning but I had a little bit of fear of what it might be. This morning I got up and the pain was excruciating. If was the hurt that makes you feel like you are going to puke. When I would try to walk it feels like my foot is going to explode on the topside. I hobbled around for a while and then my Dad called to see if I wanted to meet him for lunch and I told him I couldn't because I was hurting so badly. He suggested that I go back to the doctor and offered to take me. I told him that I could do it. I called Mr. Giggles and just kind of fell apart. You see, I was afraid that I had blood clots in my leg. This was very scarey for me because that is what caused the doctor to find out that my Mom had leukemia last summer. Mr. Giggles took off the rest of the day (this is his very busy time of year at work) and came home to take me back to the doc. In the meantime my Dad stopped by to check on me and mentioned that it might be blood clots. I think that really upset him to think that might be the problem. We headed to the doc's office and only had to wait 10 minutes to see one of them. The doc came in and immediately said that she thought that is was either phlebitus or cellulitus. I felt a little better and then I ask her about blood clots. She said that she was pretty certain that wasn't the problem but if it would make me feel better then she would run bloodwork. They drew blood, gave me a shot of antibiotics, a prescription for antibiotics, a prescription for pain pills and told me to spend the next few days with my leg up. Please pray that all turns out ok. I hope to be up and around some by the weekend. This weekend is tax free weekend and we need to get Mr. Giggles some new shoes.
So, needless to say my house will stay looking like an abandoned place that no one loves but that is ok I guess. Well, it has to be. I may get thank you notes finished, movies watched and who knows what else!

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