Monday, August 23, 2010

Learning New Things!!

I am so excited about what I learned today. All over blogland I see pictures with the owners name on their pictures. I like to share my pictures with you all but I don't really want others using my pictures as their own because . . . . .well, they are mine or they are my families NOT anyone elses. So today I learned how to "stamp" my name on my pictures! It is a little time consuming because I don't have the the best program to use but I can make it work so I am going to share with you my first stamped pictures. The stamp is in the top right hand corner. I will have to play around with colors so it stands out. This is my first try!

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Jennifer said...

Wow - aren't you creative? I truly would not even know where to start!! Great idea, though..although, I am sure no one will be using my pictures. I am such a poor photographer! Hope that ankle is feeling so much better.


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