Tuesday, August 31, 2010

And So It Is Tuesday

Some days it just doesn't pay to try to get anything accomplished. This morning I got up and decided that my foot was feeling pretty good so I was going to mow because well, the grass is getting pretty tall and ugly looking. So I get started in the back yard got the first half done (and it looked really good) I ready to start on the other side and the mower died. It had done it once on the first side and after the fifth time on the second side I decided to get out one of the other mowers. . . . . .I could not even get it started. I wasn't even going to pull out the other mower because I knew it wouldn't start at all. So, three lawn mowers and I could not finish the stinking lawn. SO frustrating. I won't get to finish until this weekend when Mr. Giggles has time to work on the mower. His helpful suggestion was to use the weedeater on the last 1/3 of the yard. NO THANK YOU. My Dad offered the use of his new lawn mower but that means getting his truck, loading up the mower, bringing it to my house, mowing, loading it back up, taking it back to his house, unloading it and then putting it and the truck up. Very time consuming but that may be the only way to get it finished. And I am going to be super duper sore tomorrow from all of the trying to start the lawn mower.
Over the weekend we celebrated my sister's birthday. It is hard to make celebrations like my Mom used to. She always made everything special without even trying. So, on Friday Dad and I ordered a chocolate cake with chocolate whipped icing and bright flowers. I went birthday shopping and found Dad's gift for her. I looked and looked and looked but couldn't find her anything from me. She finally gave me an idea on Friday night late so Saturday I headed to Walmart to get a spring form pan and I found a really good looking cookbook. While at Walmart I was reminded why I try to steer clear of that place the weekend before the college students start back to school. It was pandalerium and I just wanted out of there. Saturday afternoon we went out to eat. . . .good bbq and then went to my Gmom P's house for cake, punch and presents. I made the punch I posted on my recipe blog. Everything was so good, we had a good time visiting and sister liked her presents.
And on Sunday we rested and it was good. Now on to the rest of the week! I am hoping that mine is more productive than today was!!

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