Sunday, September 5, 2010

Busy Weekend

Ok, so it wasn't too busy but busy enough. Here is the wrap up from the exciting beyond belief life of the Giggles family.
Friday: I subbed at one of the elementary schools in art. I enjoy subbing in art at the school I attended. This was at another school in the district and I had to watch videos with the kids. Kinda boring but that is what you get when you are just a sub. Friday evening we went to Casa Ole (I am a mexican food addict) with my honey, my Dad and my G-mom P. After dinner we went to First Friday 42 at the home of a couple from church. I do not play 42 but my hubby does and so do Dad and G-mom. While they played I visited, was the official photographer and eventually read some of the book I took with me. We headed home around 10:45. It was a fun evening and the hubby and I were the youngest people there!!
Saturday: We slept late (I was pooped because I haven't been sleeping very well lately. I have a difficult time going to sleep and then staying asleep), got up and did some housework and then got ready to go to town. During football season we try to stay as far away from the university as possible, especially on home game days. We needed to go to Big Lots (a favorite place to shop) for one item and left with many more. . . . .but traffic going over there was not good. It was very obvious that students and parents who are not familiar with the area were back with a vengeance. After doing our shopping we headed to my inlaws home to eat and visit with them. My hubbies sister and brother-in-law were there also and our visit was nice. Stopped at Kroger for milk and a few other items (again we ended up with more than what we went in for!) and then headed to Whataburger for shakes before heading home. I ordered a strawberry shake and got a chocolate one and I was toooooo tired to go in and hassle with getting it changed. It was good but no strawberry good! Got home and finished up church work and hit the hay. It was once again a night of little sleep.
Sunday: got up after a short nights sleep with a headache and a sore throat. I am hoping it is just because of the "cool" (hahahaha) from that came in Friday. Went to church, came home and quickly changed clothes and headed to my G-mom W's home (well the clubhouse where she lives) to celebrate her 86th birthday with a surprise party and lunch. We had a very good time, enjoyed some cousins time and got to see the nephew and niece (I didn't know we were going to see them until we were on our way) and my middle sister. Now we are at home relaxing and watching a movie. Updated all three of my blogs! And that concludes the exciting weekend wrap up of the Giggles family.
Even though tomorrow is a holiday for a lot of people, my hubby and my Dad both have to work. So far there are no sub jobs so I will probably spend the day at home beginning my fall house cleaning since I missed the spring one!

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