Friday, September 24, 2010

Show Us Your Life - Master Bedrooms

I decided to join Kelly's show us your life mater bedrooms. Our master bedroom is very small and our furniture is early garage sale motif. This is looking into the room from the doorway. The shelf on the wall holds the unity candle from our wedding, our cake topper, my garter, some misc. pictures, my diploma tube, my tassel and a strand of mardi gras beads. My granddad made the shelf for me when I got ready to go to college the first time!! We used to have a king sized bed but the mattress was horrible and we couldn't afford to replace it so we downsized to a queen. I am ready for a bigger bed but our room really can't hold it. The quilt is one my Mom and Dad gave us for Christmas a couple of years ago. I love quilts and will always pick one over a comforter.

This is also looking from the doorway. Please don't pay attention to the stuff on top of the wardrobe. My chest of drawers belongs to a set that was my great grandmothers. The wardrobe is something my hubby had before we got married. We are still using it because there are no closets in this house.

This is looking towards the door (please excuse the dust). The hubby's chest of drawers is something he had as a bachelor. It needs to be replaced but then so does everything else in this room and we can't afford it right now with just one salary. The sign on the wall above the hamper says "Always kiss me goodnight". I picked it up for 1/2 price at Hobby Lobby. Please excuse the mess in the livingroom. I did not intend for anyone to see it!!

This is the other direction towards the door. Again, you see that we have to improvise because of lack of closet space. The hubsters clothes have never seen the inside of real closet!! Sad I know. Thank goodness for storage crates. His nightstand is actually an end table he had while living as a bachelor. My nightstand is a small chest of drawers I got from my Grandmother.

Here is the only closet in the room. The stack of clothes is up against the wall so you can see that it is not very deep. No, there is no organization at all. The closet is so small that my shoes don't fit on the floor. Yes, those are pretty much all of my shoes with the exception of three pairs of tennis shoes which are lined up under the edge of my chest of drawers. There is a rod on each side and if you were to take my clothes off of the hangers they would stay in place because everything is packed in. There is a long rod up high that runs from one side to the other but I can not reach it. Currently there are two jackets hanging up there and when I need them, I will have to ask my hubby to get them down.

So, this is what the master bedroom looks like in an old house. Our house was built over 60 years ago. My grandparents were married in this house and my granddad grew up here. It was build by my great grandfather. When they lived in the home there was only one closet and that was not added until the bathroom was added on. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the tour of our master bedroom. I can't wait to take a peek at yours!!

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Jennifer said...

Hi Giggles - hope you are having a great Monday! Enjoyed looking back through your posts and seeing your master bedroom. I'm with you - I always love a quilt:) Have a great week!


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