Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Years Day

Got to bed way too late last night!  Today we are celebrating my in-law's birthdays.  They have birthdays in December so it can be hard getting them fit into the schedule.  We went to eat at Cotton Patch (ate way too much), went home and ate cake, watched Sherlock Holmes and then headed home.  We didn't eat black eyed peas (very gross to me) or cabbage (love cabbage but didn't think about it).  My dad hung out with my sister and they ate peas and cabbage! 
Oh my goodness. . .I don't know about you but we ate with wild (and I mean WILD) abandon this holiday season!  I am really going to have to buckle down now and get on some kind of exercise routine and put much less food in my mouth!!  I should follow my Dad's lead, he joined a gym and has done very good so far.  I am very proud of him!
Gotta finish church work so I can go to bed!  Church comes early in the morning.

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