Saturday, January 8, 2011

Tough Day

Today we went to the funeral of a family friend.  My parents have been friends with this family since I was very young.  She fought a long battle with that very ugly disease we call cancer.  The funeral was very nice.  I tried not to cry to hard but my Mom's funeral is still so fresh in my mind.  I had finally mostly stopped crying as the service ended but they began playing the tape that my family taped for my Granddad's funeral.  When you listen to it, you can hear my Mom's beautiful voice loud and clear.  And then I just couldn't hold back the tears.  And that always leads to the crying headache that just won't go away.  Thankfully mine didn't last too long.  Now I am glad that it is bedtime because I am very tired.  Emotional days do that to me.

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Jennifer said...

Hi Giggles, hope you are having a good Monday....with a good start to a fresh week. Just wanted to stop by and say hello:) Happy Monday! (we might get snow tomorrow..what is exciting at your house??) :)


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