Monday, January 31, 2011

Short Weekend

Is it just me or do the weekends just fly by too quickly?  I taught everyday for the last two weeks so I was totally exhausting this weekend!  Friday evening Mr. Giggles and I met my Dad and sister for dinner (this will be the last time we get to have dinner with Rae for several months because she is full swing into softball).  Saturday morning Mr. G headed to his school to iron the new curtains we put up in his new office and I headed over to my gmom's house to finish putting away Christmas.  I enjoyed getting to spend some time visiting with her and Max (the dog).  We made our usual Saturday trip to DQ for supper and ice cream (blizzard for the mister and strawberry sundae for me) and while we were there some church friends stopped in so we had a very nice visit with them.  Sunday we napped.  It was nice!  And now we are back to Monday.  I have a list of things to do this week and we are supposed to get more COLD weather.  We haven't had anything but cold so I think that we are crossing our fingers for some precipitation!  Well, that is all for now. 

Today I am thinking about the sermon we heard last night (thank you JT for stepping on my toes!). Do I make the best use of my time? Am I willing to risk losing my soul by not making the best use of my time? The answer to both questions is no so I need to reassess what I use my time for and adjust accordingly.

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