Saturday, January 22, 2011

Have You Missed Me?

Yes, I know that it has been a while since I really sat down and caught you up on what was going on in my life.  In the past month we have been to two funerals, I have taught more than usual, we have had very cold weather and I can't remember what else has been going on.  I can say this, I am glad that I did not have to attend another funeral today. 
Nothing really exciting is going on around here.  Next week I am teaching 2nd grade at a private christian school all week.  Should be interesting because I haven't taught much elementary this year.  Most of my subbing has been at the junior high level.  Oh, I have applied for a non-teaching job at the local university this last week.  The job prospect for teachers is not looking good.  All we hear is how they are trying to figure out ways to cut school budgets.  I really want to teach but I really want a roof over my head, clothes on my back and food in my tummy so I am having to look elsewhere.
I have tried a new recipe - hamburger soup and reminded myself what an old recipe tasted like - broccoli salad.  If you want to check out these recipes, go here.  If you try them, you will have to let me know.  Tonight I made corn casserole and the broccoli salad for a church luncheon.  I love church luncheons because you always get such yummy and different foods.
I was thinking tonight as we were coming home from town about how much I still really miss my Mom.  Even this past week I had the thought that I needed to call her about something or other.  Man, that hurts.  I know that she is in a much better place but I really want her here. . . .with us.  I know that sounds very selfish but, well maybe I am.  I feel like I am such a different person than I was before.  I don't think that I laugh as much, sing as much, enjoy things as much.  I know this probably doesn't make much sense.  I just can't even seem to express myself the same anymore so that is it for tonight.
Sorry for the disjointedness of this post.

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Jennifer said...

I do love church banquets - pot lucks! And I love corn casserole:)

I was also thinking about my mom just this afternoon. I really am not a very good cook - and she was an amazing, natural talent, cook. I had rice with our meal at lunch and was SO MISSING my mom's chicken gravy!! She tried on a couple of occasions to teach me how to make it - but, believe me, it is NOT the same! How wonderful it would be to pick up the phone and have her walk me through it one more time....

Or, better yet - to make it!! (I'm sure there will be rice and chicken gravy in Heaven) :)


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