Thursday, January 27, 2011

2nd Grade

I have been teaching 2nd grade this week.  Boy, have they stressed me out.  Yesterday I had the worst day I have had teaching in a while.  Thankfully today was better.  Not much but enough.  They did make me laugh today.  Yesterday when I was doing out math lesson (and if you know me, you know that math gives me the hives so I am very nervous about ruining math for some young mind) and I said something like, "Ok, we have $0.75 and we are going to the candy store and we have enough money to buy a whopping big candy bar".  They ask me what "whoppin" meant and I explained it to them.  Well, today they were thinking that whoppin is a something not a way to describe it.  Today we were doing the same type of lesson (subtracting money) and I said that we were going to be going to the "toy" store to spend our money.  One little boy (who is actually a 1st grader but is very good in math so he comes to this class) excitedly yells out that he wants to buy some whoppin.  I ask him what he wanted and he said that he wanted to buy some whoppin.  I laughed so now when we do our math lessons we pretend to be doing yardwork to earn money to buy things. . . . .like whoppins!  I have to say that today math was the best part of my day (I can't believe I actually said that!).  The rest of the day was spent repeatedly repeating these words. . . . .BE QUIET. . . .STOP TALKING. . .BE QUIET. . . .STOP TALKING and so on and so forth.  I told the kids during Bible (while they were arguing and such) that I was going to go home and pull out all of my hair because they were giving me a headache.  Didn't seem to bother them that their sub may come to school tomorrow bald!!  Well, I had better close up for tonight.
Days like yesterday and today are the kinds of days that I really need my Mom to talk to.  She would have loved the whoppin story.  And yesterday she would have told me that things would be ok and that I was doing a good job and that she was proud of me.  I really miss her.

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