Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I Am

I am

I found this on another friend's blog and thought that it was really neat.
I first did this in September 2008 but thought I would change what needed to be changed for 2011 for me and so that anyone stopping by might get a glimpse of who I am.  2011 Answers will be in purple.

i am...a Christian, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a teacher, a friend.
i dream...of one day having a family of my own.
i think...that my husband and family bring out the best in me.
i know...that I am a terrible housekeeper.
i want...children and to find a job that I will love.
i have...an amazing husband, an awesome family and great friends.  And I finally have a teaching job!!
i wish...this year would have turned out differently.  I wish everyday that I could hold my baby boy and that my Mom was still here.
i hate...feeling bad about the things I sometimes say and do.  That my Dad is alone and that he misses my Mom so much.
i miss...my baby boy.  My Mom.
i fear...never having children.
i feel...like I am alone (sometimes)
i hear...the noise of the tv.
i smell...cinnamon candles!  An old house.
i crave...Mexican food.
i search...for knowledge and a better understanding of my Christian walk.
i wonder...will I ever be a mommy?
i regret...that I am sometimes not the person I should be.  That sometimes I speak without thinking.
i love...my family so much it sometimes hurts.
i ache...when I know someone I care about is hurting.
i care...about my family and friends.
i always...try to be a good person.
i am not...going to let anyone get the best of me.
i believe...in Jesus Christ.
i dance...when no one is watching.
i sing...a lot!
i cry...when my heart is hurting or when I feel overwhelmed.  When I think about the things my Mom will miss.
i don't...want to hurt anymore.
i hope...next year is better than this year.  That my first year of teaching is successful.
i fight...for what I believe in.  And for those I love.
i write...because I can say things better that way.  So that maybe someone else will be inspired in some way.
i lose...my train of thought often.
i listen...when someone needs to be heard.
i can usually be found...at home.
i need...to count my blessings.  Be more understanding and love more freely.
i am happy...when I am with my husband.  When I get to spend time with my nephew and niece (and the rest of my family).
i desire...to always be the best that I can be!


the workaholic momma said...

Stopping by from Jennas!! This is such a powerful post and such a wonderful way of telling who you really are. I crave Mexican food too all.the.time:)

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog yesterday and commenting!!

Aishlea and Brandon said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog! :) I love finding new blogs to read! And you had a great idea with the list!!!


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