Saturday, July 9, 2011


I am going to warn you now. . . .this post is going to be random so if that makes your head hurt, you may want to come back later!

• This was my FB status for today: Giggles is thinking about this day two years ago when Mom, Bec, RAW and I were sitting in her hospital room and Dr. Jenkins came in and told us that she had leukemia. And then we had to wait for my Dad to get there so we could tell him. So I will spend today thinking about a wonderful woman who I was lucky enough to call my Mom. This has been on my mind all day. I remember this day like it was yesterday. The four of us were just sitting in her room chatting and wondering when she was going to be released so we could go back home and get back to life as normal. And as of that day our lives would never ever be the same. If you want to read about our journey with leukemia you can go here.

• If you are looking for some good side dish recipes you should stop by Kelly’s Korner. I have some new dishes I can’t wait to try. If you are interested in what I posted, you can go here.

• I have been super duper lazy today. All I have accomplished is watching tv with my hubby (he is off on Friday’s during the school year), reading recipes for new side dishes, visiting some new blogs from Jenna’s Journey’s challenge (and there are so many that I can’t comment on and it is really irritating me. . . .what is up with blogger?), showered and went to dinner at Ozona with my hubby, Dad and sister RAW. Tomorrow I have so much to do.

• I am picking up a few things for my classroom here and there. I am trying not to get too much though. Our school meets in a church and we only have so much that we can do in our rooms. Every Wednesday and Friday our rooms have to be disassembled for Bible classes and then reassembled the next class day so you don’t really want to have too much to move and put away.

• I am excited about finding so many neat blogs from Jennas challenge. I get really excited when I find bloggers from Texas and when I find teachers. What makes it even more exciting is when I find Texas teachers!

Well, I am going to say goodnight so. . . . . .goodnight!

Just thought I would post a picture of snow to help you stay cool! 


JDaniel4's Mom said...

I loved looking for new things for my classroom in the summer. IT was hard to not add too much to what I already had.

Cory said...

I like random posts. I am so sorry about your mom. Cancer sucks! :( You have a great blog, and I will look for your stuff over on Kelly's. :)


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