Sunday, July 10, 2011

Weekly Menu

Our exciting menu for this week.

Monday:  sloppy joes and potato salad
Tuesday:  fish fillets and velveeta shells and cheese
Wednesday:  fend for yourself
Thursday:  tbd
Friday: tbd

This weekend Mr. Giggles, Dad, RAW and I went to see Cars 2.  Cute movie.  Even Mr. Giggles enjoyed it (he doesn't like animated movies)!  Got a busy week coming up.  There will be mowing for sure!  Yes, even dead brown grass needs to be mowed.

In case you have wondered (and I am sure that you have just been so worried about this) why I haven't posted any pictures lately is because I have been in a picture taking slump.  I didn't even take any pictures on our vacation!  I am hoping to get back in the groove soon.  I know that you are dying to see more pictures of cows standing in the water!!

Have a good week.

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Jennifer said...

I love Meal Planning!! It helps a ton- I should blog about mine weekly too, good idea :)


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