Monday, July 4, 2011

Having a Challenge With the Challenge!!

I have been traveling around blogland through Jenna's challenge but I have been having a challenge with my computer.  This past weekend Mr. Giggles completely reworked my computer to see if it would help with the slowness of my beloved computer.  Well, now I am having to break it back in and put all of my "stuff" back on it.  Unfortunately there are some blogs that I cannot comment on and I really want to comment on them all.  I downloaded Mozilla because in the past it has fixed the problem with commenting but it isn't even working tonight.  So. . . . .I am going to head to bed and hopefully with a good night's sleep (well, hopefully a goodnight's sleep but I watched a show filled with snakes so we shall see) I will be able to get this stupid lovely piece of electronic equipment working again so I can comment.  So that being said.  Good night and I will check back in with some of y'all tomorrow.

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~she~ said...

Girl, I totally feel ya! There are certain blogs I can't comment on either and it drives me absolutely batty! Here's the kicker...I can't even comment on my OWN blog! I have to pick the "name" selection and leave a comment that way. But not all blogs have that option. If you ever figure it out, let me know! It's been this way for several months now and I'm losing my mind! By the way, I'm stopping by from the commenting challenge. Come visit my blog too, even though you probably can't comment on it!!! Craziness!


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