Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Have You Missed Me?

It seems like forever since I have been on here. I had planned on joining Jennifer's Friday with Friends but as you can tell it didn't happen. I only had time to do a short post. Let me catch you up on our weekend (if I can remember what we did!).
Friday night Mr. Giggles, my Dad and I went and had pizza for supper. I had bbq chicken pizza (I love this pizza). . . .yum. Then Mr. G and I headed over to Walmart to do our usual Friday night pick up a few items we needed. We ended up being there for an hour and a half. Then we went home, watched some tv and then crashed.
Saturday we lazed around the house until the afternoon and then met my Dad at the mall. He was at a robotics competition practice with his students. We then met some really good friends of ours who were in town for the football game. We went to dinner and ended up staying at the restaurant for over two hours. It was so good to see them. We wish they lived closer so we could see each other more often.
Sunday my Dad and my sister Rae headed north to my sister B's house. We went to watch Tatortot play football last night. It was so cool to see how big he truly is getting to be. Us girls got some pumpkins ready for Halloween while we waiting for game time to get there. We went shopping with my Dad while the kids were at school. We went to Belk and they got some really good deals. I'm not much of a shopper and have a hard time finding clothes that fit. I was the official cart pusher!
We came home today and I am exhausted so I am going to say goodnight and I will talk to y'all again soon!


Donna said...

Wow! That sounds like a busy weekend. I'm sure you all made some good memories. I don't think I knew that your dad was a teacher...Have a great day, Giggles!

Giggles said...

Yes it was. My Dad is a teacher, my husband was a teacher (he is now the business manager at his school), my baby sister is a teacher and coach, my middle sister is a substitute teacher and I am a certified teacher still hoping to find a job. I guess you can say that is runs in the family!!


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