Sunday, October 24, 2010

Restful Weekend

This weekend was pretty restful and I am so thankful. I have fighting allergies (I think) since I got back from my sister's house and it has made me feel pretty crummy at times. So Mr. Giggles and I pretty much stayed at home and watched all the scary movies we could!

Today was a beautiful Lord's day even if it was pretty warm. My Dad led singing today at church and I absolutely love it when he does. I know that it is very hard for him without my Mom being there to support him. We have always sat at the front of the building and when Dad would lead lead singing you could be certain that he was going to give my Mom a wink or a smile and he would usually do that for one of us girls. I miss seeing him looking at Mom and giving her that wink. I really miss seeing him smile and being genuinely happy. I love my Dad and I miss my Mom.

Hoping for some more sub jobs this week. I will be subbing in Juvenile Justice on Thursday. Should be interesting! Other than that we don't have much planned for the week. We will be doing our civic duty and early voting on Tuesday evening. I am so tired of hearing the political ads. It wouldn't be as bad if the promised made during a campaign were actually kept and the negative ads didn't have to be shown.

Have a great week. Halloween is almost here! Do you get yummys for trick or treaters and if so, what do you get? Since we live out in the country, we don't have trick or treaters so we don't buy any candy cause heaven knows we don't need it but I am curious to know what you do.

Hi Mrs. H's mom. Hope to see you soon! :)


Donna said...

So glad that you were able to get some rest this weekend, and that you are feeling 100% very soon!

We don't celebrate Halloween, but we do (if we are home) hand out candy bars with a gospel tract attached to it. Our church has a candy give-away night, and the kids of the church walk past the adults and get tons of works for us! :)

Your nursery post was very precious...praying that you will be able to use your pretty things very soon.


Mrs. H's mom said...

Hope to see you soon too. We plan to be in church with Mrs. H. and family this Sunday Oct. 31 if all goes as planned. I enjoy your blog and read it every day. Hugs to you and your family.
Mrs. H's mom


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