Sunday, October 10, 2010

To Cute

There is this little boy that goes to our church and he is so stinking cute. He got a sister this summer that looks a lot like him so I can only imagine what she will look like when she is his age and he turned the big 3 last month. I told his Mom last week that is he goes missing it is because I have snagged him and took him to the pumpkin patch!! Tonight I could hear him singing and it is cute! When my Dad is leading singing, this little cutie is doing it right along with him. As cute as he is, it really hurts my heart to know that if Baby Giggles would have made it, he would be very close to the same age. It makes me wonder what God has in store for me as I have reached another part of my life where it may possibly be too late for us to become parents. It hurts my heart that I have lost three precious babies. We want to be parents and don't understand why God seems to have decided that we aren't going to be. I know that God's will is best but being human, I want to know why.

Well, I hope you have a great week. I am ready for the cooler weather to come back.

Weekly Menu:
Monday: Taco Salad (the Mr.) and Salsa Verde Roast & Rice (me)
Tuesday: leftovers
Wednesday: fend for yourself
Thursday: Pecan crusted tilapia
Friday: out to eat
Saturday: who knows

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Jennifer said...

Sending you an extra hug......


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