Friday, October 22, 2010

Quick Fall Decor Tour

I have not gotten in a big hurry to get my fall/Halloween decorations out. I am finished for now. I didn't take any pictures of the outside and I ended up taking a couple back off of here because the pictures were not good. Here is the majority of the stuff.

My Mom got this little lamp at an auction at my nephews school when they lived in Georgia. I love it and wish I could leave it out year round.

This is a little lamp I got from my G-mom P. We had it in my Mom's hospital room last year.

Just a basket of leaves and sparkly pumpkins.

Kinda blurry but Halloween Cherished Teddies and two pumpkin candlestick holders I picked at a church rummage sale.

My dining room table. The pumpkin is fiber optic, the scarecrow and the witch are also from my G-mom P and the silver tray was a gift I received for being a hostess at a baby shower. It says Bless This House.

The cabinet where all of my dishtowels and such live. The welcome friends pumpkin was a gift I got last year and everything else is old but much loved.

And this sign welcomes you into the back door.

My favorite black cat and a cute wreath. Please excuse the pile-o-pillows.

Part of my mantle. I could not get a good picture of the whole thing.

Right side of the mantle.

Whole mantle. Yes, we have plywood in the fireplace because the fireplace is moving away from the house and it lets lots of cold air in.

And this is the left side of the mantle. And that is the end of the tour. Hope you enjoyed.

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Jennifer said...

Goodness, you have quite a lot of things - it all looks so cute! I'm sure you're glad, now, that you got it out:) Makes you smile - I think!

Your post about the nursery was sweet. Praying that God allows you to use your things one day....


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