Sunday, October 3, 2010

Nothin Goin On!

Well, as you can tell from the lack of exciting blog posts (or any posts at all) that there really isn't much going on in these parts. Thursday I did a half day of student teaching at my Dad's school. Eighth grade science. . . .I can't remember anything about that class but luckily all I had to do was show a video which was pretty interesting and I actually learned something! Friday I stayed at home all day long except for when I had to run into (ok, drive into) town to go the the mailbox. I had plans of getting so much done but I am sad to say that I accomplished nothing except to get the bed made up. Friday night we had our second First Friday 42 night. Again we were the youngest there and I didn't play but visited with the hostess and one of the ladies from church. I also read the entire Pioneer Woman cookbook. Loved it! I told my hubby that he could get it for me for my birthday. We shall see if he remembers! The hubby and I and my Dad were the last ones to leave after a wonderful visit the the host and hostess. Saturday we headed to my in-laws house, picked them up and headed to Fish Daddys to eat lunch which was very yummy. Then we headed to Mr. Giggles school so we could give them a tour (more about that later on) and then headed back to their house for birthday cake and presents. We had homemade italian cream cake (so very yummy thanks to the mil) and the presents included a great new purse and a Big Lots gift card. Today we had church which included two wonderful services. We didn't get our usual nap because he had to head back out to the hubsters school because, they have finally completed a building project that began in 2006. This building project included the tearing down of half of the school and a gym and then building a new elementary school which was opened last year. This year a new gym, administrative offices, library and new halls connecting the entire school were completed. This school is one campus and is pre-k - 12th grade with a population of 520 (give or take) students. Today was the school dedication and it was very nice. The hubs was asked to say the opening prayer which he did and did a wonderful job. And that is what has been happening here. Nothing exciting. . . .just our normal life. Oh, and if you were wondering whose birthday we were celebrating it was mine. My birthday actually isn't until Saturday but yesterday was the only time my bil and sil could come.

Have a great week. :)

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Jennifer said...

So bummed - and irritated. I left you nice (long) comment the other day on this very post...and then it wouldn't post AND deleted it. Ugh. So, I'm here again. But, its late and this shorter but hope that you are having a great week. And that you will join us for Friday with Friends this week:) Share a recipe!


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