Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday Memories

This afternoon as I was perusing Pinterest I found something that brought back memories and of course made me miss my Mom even more.  I love coming across things that remind me of my Mom but sometimes it can really make you sad. 
These are identical to the recipe cards that my Mom used to use.  I remember as a kid seeing these cards all the time.  Today it makes my happy but it also makes my heart hurt.  I miss my Mom each and every day.  Even after almost three years it hurts thinking about her, missing her, seeing the loss on my Dad's face, seeing my sisters miss her, seeing my nephew and niece miss her.  Losing loved ones is so hard.


1 comment:

Kathy C said...

Love you.
Sad that this memory bring you pain, but happy that your Mom was so amazing that she gives you memories in everything you see.


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