Monday, January 14, 2013

What's For Dinner

Believe it or not, I actually know what we are going to have for dinner this week.  Hold onto your hats because it will know you off your feet!!!!

Monday:  fish sticks and mac & cheese  (yes, we are grownups and no we do not have kids)
Tuesday: homemade chili dogs ( this chili is homemade, not the hot dogs)  I may have to make a trip to the grocery store before I make the chili for tomatoes and tomato sauce
Wednesday:  the famous fend for yourself night
Thursday:  Frito pie
Friday:  out to eat with Dad and Rae (?)
Saturday:  fend for yourself
The weather around here has turned off pretty cold (for us anyway) and I want warm food.  What is your favorite cold weather food??

Have a great week.

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