Thursday, January 31, 2013

Show Us Your Life. . . . . .SINGLES!!!!!

I love when Kelly over at Kelly's Korner has her SUYL Singles!  It gives me a chance to brag on my baby sister (oh boy is she going to be loved being called that!!!).  My prayer for her is to find a wonderful man for her to spend her life with.  So with that being said, sit back and enjoy reading about my sister Rae Anne. 

Bec on the left, me in the middle and Rae Anne on the right
~First and foremost she is a Christian.  She is a faithful member of church of Christ.  Loves the Lord
~youngest of 3 girls
~teacher of English (for seniors in hs) and coach of volleyball and softball
~is beautiful both inside and out
~enjoys watching and playing sports (especially A&M sports)

~graduated from Texas A&M in '99
~loves kids, especially her nephew and niece whom she calls Rin and Stimpy :)

Rae on the left with Rin and Stimpy before the paintball fight
~enjoys spending time with her family
~doesn't drink or smoke
~lives in the great state of Texas and is hoping to move to the Metroplex
~cares about her students, her friends, her co-workers and of course her family
~loves to have a good time out with friends but doesn't mind staying at home watching tv with a fire in the fireplace

Rae Anne and Dad
~she is an AWESOME cook (she loves making Paula Deen recipes)
~is HiLiArIoUs! She will make you laugh until you cry (or wet your pants!)
Rae Anne
~loves to sing and does it well, you never know when she may break out in song (just ask her students)
~is an accomplished pianist
~has a cat named Bud
~enjoys fishing
~enjoys musicals

Rae Anne
~likes to go camping. . . .especially in the mountains in Colorado
~enjoys a lively game of Mad Gab!!
~is a straight shooter – if you don’t want an honest answer, don’t ask
~sarcasm is her superpower (it runs in the family in case you are wondering!)

Rae Anne
If you would like to connect with Rae, just leave a comment.  She will be checking out the comments and will get back with you.  It may be a couple of days because softball is getting into full swing and she is super busy!  If you have any questions you can put them in the comments and I will try to answer them as soon as possible.  Thanks for stopping by!

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