Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cooking and Other Stuff

After eating at the hospital for two weeks, I told Mr. Giggles that I was going to be cooking more this week than I usually do. Last night I made a new recipe that was easy but I am not sure how much I liked it. Mr. Giggles said it was good but he would add mushrooms (he thinks that everything needs mushrooms), dad liked it and so did my sister. It was called cheeseburger french loaf. I think it needed something else but can't figure out what. Tonight was chicken fettuccine alfredo and it was pretty good.

Today I had planned on staying home and getting housework done since I had been gone. Well, Mr. Giggles called (he was in town for a meeting and I didn't realize it) and ask if I would like to meet him for lunch and of course I said yes. Since I was heading to town, I decided to get some errands taken care of. We ate at Wendy's, then I went to Office Max to buy church office supplies, Sam's for gas and then inside to get Christmas present for MadCow that my Mom ask me to pick up, then to Wal-Mart (which is a pain because our store is being remodeled and made into a super center), next to the library to pick up some books (3 novels, a craft book and an organization book) and then to Sonic for a coke. This evening I helped my dad put out hay for the cows (last night we moved cows back to the pasture around our house), cooked dinner and cleaned the kitchen. . . . .I am so ready for bed!! It feels great to be accomplishing something after sitting on my rear for so long. I am hoping that the book on organization will help me to continue accomplish house cleaning chores and keep things more organized for the holiday season (yes I have high hopes!). AND hopefully tomorrow I will get to stay home!

Hi Mrs. H's mom!

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