Monday, November 2, 2009

So Far Behind

As you can tell, I am really behind on my blogging. I can't seem to find time to do both my blog and the blog on my Mom but since I am now back home for a while, I hope to catch up.

We are now into my favorite season. I love fall colors (reds, golds & browns), fall smells (cinnamon, pumpkin, burning fireplaces, burning leaves), fall holidays (Halloween & Thanksgiving), fall weather (when we are fortunate enough to have it!), fall camping (cool crisp morning air and fog), fall drinks (hot chocolate, hot apple cider) and pumpkins (I just think that pumpkins are cute). Soon I will have to decide, am I going to mow the leaves or rake the leaves. I will have to move the winter clothes out (no, I do not like doing this at all) and start thinking about what I am going to cook for Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is going to be very different this year but I can't wait until we are all together again.

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