Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 Wrap Up and Happy New Year 2010

Wow, it is so hard to believe that 2009 is over. I think the reason it seems to have gone by so quickly is because the last five months have been so focused on getting my Mom through the leukemia diagnosis, many trips back and forth to MDA, chemo treatments, stem cell transplant, graft vs. host disease and everything that has gone a long with the transplant. The holidays have been rather strange for us because we are used to spending them together but we have had to figure out who we were going to celebrate. Although it was different, we figured it out and had a pretty good holiday. One really good thing about this year was our family reunion in March. We all got to be together (except for one cousin spouse) and had a wonderful time. We were able to spend time with my Aunt before she lost her courageous battle with cancer. We were all together again for her funeral which was truly a celebration of her life. The day of her burial was one of the most beautiful days and it was filled with more celebration of her life and being with more family. And that is about all I remember about 2009!
So now on to 2010. We had a sermon at church on Wednesday night about what we should resolve to do this next year. I didn't get my pen out to write them all down but here are the few that I have: Read your Bible daily, pray daily, serve others daily, share your faith with others daily. I haven't committed to my personal resolutions yet but I am working on them and I will be writing them down this year so I can keep them in mind. Here are a couple of things I will be trying to do better this year: be a better wife, daughter, sister, friend, christian, eat better, move more, be a kinder, gentler person. . .well, that is all for now. I may or may not post the completed list. I haven't decided yet. Mrs. H over at is listing a daily Bible reading so if reading your Bible is one of your resolutions, stop by and read a long with her.
I am starting the year with a couple of prayer requests: my Mom for continued healing from the stem cell transplant, quick release from the hospital and for her kidney to continue to improve it's function. To have healthy and happy 2010. Also for my friend Mel who is pregnant with triplets and she is in the hospital due to complications with her cervix. She is at 21 weeks and their short-term goal is to make it to 23 weeks. Please pray that she is able to make it longer so the babies have a better start in this world. This is a very scary time because they lost a little girl around this time in her pregnancy in 2007 so please also pray for peace and comfort. Also, pray for Mr. Giggles and I, that we understand what God's plan for us is regarding children.
Well, this is getting pretty long so I will stop for now. I do hope that each of you has a wonderful and prosperous 2010. I can't wait to see what it brings for my family!

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