Friday, January 29, 2010


I really don't like being sick. Especially when I only have a few days to be home to get things done. Mr. Giggles was sick earlier in the week and he so kindly passed it on to me. Now I am praying that I get over the worst of it before I to go stay with Mom on Sunday. The weather has turned out to be pretty yucky. We got over two inches of rain and it is cold with a very brisk wind. Mr. Giggles and I are sitting in our recliners wrapped in our blankets watching tv. We went out to eat and then ran a few errands, one that included a trip to Big Lots (one of our favorite places to shop) and then came home. We are so an old couple! Well, I don't really have much to talk about so I am going to close. I hope you all have a really great weekend. Ours will be busy as I will be packing for another trip to MDA.

Oh, my Uncle is getting married this weekend. We aren't able to go to the wedding because of the distance, the weather and the fact that I have to go to MDA on Sunday. Best wishes to my Uncle and his wife to be!

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Jennifer said...

Sure hope you are feeling better soon:) You don't sound like an "old" couple...a very content couple, maybe - which is very nice!!


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