Friday, January 8, 2010

Frustrated. . . . .

is not even the word to describe how I am feeling at this moment. I just checked in with my Dad who is staying with my Mom and found out that instead of getting to come home on the 21st like we have been told continually, she will have to stay in H-town for at least another month. She will go to an in-patient rehab and depending on how that goes, may be released to our apartment but can't come home home for another month. I am sure that she was crushed when she got that news yesterday. It is all I can do to keep from crying (I am subbing for my dad and don't really want to have to explain why I am crying to the kiddos) and I am so angry. Why couldn't they just say when we first started asking that there was a chance that her time would be extended instead of telling us that yep, she is still on schedule. That would have made it a little easier. I know that they are only doing what is best for her but nothing has been as it should have and 100 days is long enough and adding 30 days doesn't seem like a lot but when it is someone you love and they are not where they should be and nothing seems right in your world. . . .it is a terribly long time. I can only imagine what it was
like for her to hear those words because she has been focused on coming home.

The one bright spot I see for all of this is that I have 30 more days to try to get Mom and Dad's house back together after the foundation work that was completed last year. We have all of the furniture back in the house but that is it. It will be a HUGE job but I hope now I can get it done. If you are heading our way and love to open boxes and figure out where stuff goes. . . .feel free to join me!!

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Donna said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the delay in plans for your mom. I know that it is hard to have someone you love in a rehab facility, but, I also know that your mom will get a lot of good help. My father-in-law was in and out of rehab facilities for over a year, and was, in my opinion, helped alot! I'll be praying that your mom does well (and that she cooperates with her rehab caregivers).

Hope your goal of getting their house back in order goes really well!

Hope you have a good weekend, Giggles. :)


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