Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday Sermon, Daily Bible Reading and Other Random Ramblings

Today at church we had two really good sermons. The one this morning was on the Lord's supper. We have been on this topic for a couple of weeks and has been very interesting. The sermon tonight was on truth and the last questions the preacher ask were ones to really make you think. What are we to do with the truth? Is it sufficient just to know the truth? No, we must believe, obey, practice or walk in, defend, rightly divide, worship according to and speak the truth in love. Here is my question. . . .do you hold the truth close to you or do you share it with others?

I am going to try to keep up with daily Bible reading this year. Mr. Giggles has already started and I am going to have to catch up and hopefully since he is doing it, I will be able to keep up. Here is the schedule for this week if you have been wanting to read and need a jumping off start. I will try to get the other days that are past up tomorrow so you can catch up along with me!
January 10: Genesis 22:1-23:20, Matthew 7:21-8:14
January 11: Genesis 24:1-67, Matthew 8:14-34
January 12: Genesis 25:1-26:35, Matthew 9:1-17
January 13: Genesis 27:1-28:22, Matthew 9:18-38
January 14: Genesis 29:1-30:43, Matthew 10:1-15
January 15: Genesis 31:1-55, Matthew 10:16-42
January 16: Genesis 32:1-30:20, Matthew 11:1-24

I am hoping to get a lot of things done this week. Tomorrow I am working 1/2 day as a sub in music at one of the elementary schools and I am kind of excited about it. Last Thursday and Friday I subbed for my Dad and he has another great group of kids.

Weekly Menu:
Monday: stroganoff, english peas, corn and garlic bread
Tuesday: breaded fish fillets, potato salad
Wednesday: out to dinner at Wings~N~More with good friends! I had chicken fried steak with a salad, fries and garlic bread (Mr. Giggles will be gone)
Thursday: chinese take out at my sisters house
Friday: out to eat - mexican - Los Cucos
Saturday: Mr. Giggles made homemade chili and we made frito pies. YUMMO!

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Jennifer said...

I love your new header - so cute. We also have two services on Sunday...seems like not too many churches do that anymore. But I really think Sunday evening service is my favorite (if there is a favorite)....always such practical, and thought-provoking, messages for Christians - just like your pastor's one on truth! Hope you get caught up with your reading...I'm reading through the Bible this year as well. Good discipline, for sure. Hope you week is productive and blessed!


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